SLE Week 2: KPOP Inspired Fashion

What inspired me this week

So this week I really enjoyed two words:


Pattern because it is overwhelming, intricate, and comforting. I combed through NYLON, Glamour, and an ASOS catalog and pillows and a blue bedspread around the house to experiment with paisley, geometry, and snakeskin.



Decadence is quite synonymous to Pattern. I enjoyed and named Zico’s look from the Block B music video for Nillili Mambo as “Lion Club”. His single blue eye contact and mixed dyed pink straight and loc’ed hair gave him a feline quality. Rebellious tattooed wrists and fingers swathed in gold jewelry added to a mischievous, luxurious effect. In the same vein are GD’s bejeweled fingers and script tatto in That XX. (Side note for Kpop fans: I can finally appreciate his gloomy voice in this video because before I was just stuck on One of a Kind ‘s funkiness.)

My long lost love


So this fueled my makeover on my Dirty Laundry boots. I was working this laced-up-the-back/pirate-esque look all sophomore year.


And because I wear down shoes the fabric separated from the sole. They were recently discovered in my closet because I couldn’t throw them away. So I got some Shoe Goo repaired the hole and painted an opulent metalic print at the base.

Yeah, they need some help


After drawing a snakeskin-turned-giraffe spotted print and I varied filling in the negative space or the space between the spots.


With a design in mind I penciled my spots on the boot and traced the lines with pink halo gold paint.


I soon became obsessed with this color and covered it everywhere. That’s why the previous sketches have it.


I have one side done and I need to finish the other side tonight so that it can air-dry for 24 hours. Afterwards I will heat set the design by placing a tshirt over the boot and blasting a hairdryer on low for 10-30 seconds.

Now the other foot…

Special thanks to Block B and GD. Tune in Tuesday as  I reveal whether I melted the man-made material of my boots (No really, this was an actual concern when I told the peeps at the art store about my idea.) or everything will come out perfectly. Either way I’ll match it with a decadent, contrasting-patterned outfit.


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